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  • 5 March 2020
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If you are anything like me then you prefer to figure out things by yourself instead of asking for assistance. While this is arguably the most efficient method of achieving a positive outcome, knowing where to find the right information as well as knowing that it exists is crucial.


Also, networking is complicated. Being fundamental, a mistake often makes a profound impact on the environment.

  • How to create a virtual bridge?

  • How to use manage_ovs command?

  • How to change VLAN on VM NIC?

  • How to add or remove VLAN on CVM and AHV host?

  • How to configure LACP?

  • How to isolate 1G NICs from the rest of the NICs?


The answers to the above and more as well as useful links – all can be found in KB-2090 AHV | Host and Guest Networking


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AHV Networking

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