AHV GPU Series | Installing Nvidia grid  virtual GPU manager 

  • 16 March 2020
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AHV supports GPU-accelerated computing for guest VMs. You can configure either GPU pass-through or a virtual GPU.


Let us say you have an AHV host with GPU compatible hardware and looking for a simple way to install the required drivers. 

Nutanix recommends a specific method for installing the Nvidia GPU host driver in AHV hosts. 

The method involves a script which is used for installation or upgrade of all the hosts in the cluster.


Go through the following document to understand the process in-depth 


Installing AHV GPU Drivers 


Have questions regarding the usage of the script?


  1.  What will happen if one of the nodes doesn’t have a GPU? 

  2.  What will happen if the driver version is different on one node than the rest of the cluster? 

  3.  How can I install the driver onto the new nodes only, without affecting the currently running nodes?

  4. Can I install different versions of the driver onto different nodes of the cluster?



The following knowledge base article can help you to get answers to the above-mentioned questions. 


Installation of Nvidia driver on AHV hosts



Want to know more about GPU in AHV? 


Try going through the following post 




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