Additional Security for AHV hosts

  • 18 December 2020
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Many users are unaware that there are additional (beyond what is presented via the Prism user-interface) security parameters that can be employed on AHV hosts to increase the overall security of them. These security parameters are configured via Nutanix Command-Line Interface (NCLI) and include the following:

  • Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (AIDE) - a file and directory integrity checker

  • High Strength Password Enforcement - configure the maximum and minimum number of characters the password must contain along with number of passwords retained in history to prevent repeated use

  • Core Dumps - the recorded state of the working memory for a process is dumped to a file if the process ever crashes

  • Login Banner - display a customized messages when user login to a node

More information regarding these parameters, including the procedures to enable/disable them, can be found within the Hardening AHV section of the Nutanix Security Guide. Also to note, there are similar parameters available for Controller VMs which are configured using the same procedures. You can find more information regarding those parameters within the Hardening Controller VM section of this same guide.

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