Adding new Node into existing configured Nutanix Block

  • 11 August 2015
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Dears ,
I have aleady configured 3 nodes Nutanix block(NX-1000 series) more than year ago ,and now our customer requested anew node (NX-3000 serie) to be added into existing cluster.Could you please letme know the best way to add this node without impacting the running nodes?


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5 replies

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Special restriction apply to some of the NX-1000 nodes - namely, you can't mix the 1-gig ethernet nodes with 10-gig ethernet nodes if I recall correctly. If your nodes are all 10-gig however, then you would just follow the standard addition process which has no impact on the availability of your Nutanix cluster. Steven Poitras has a good blog /w video on adding a new node (there is no procedural difference if it's a single node or an entire block of nodes):
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Thanks for reply.
The appliance with 3 nodes are connected using 1G connectivity since there are no 10 G at the customer environment and going to connect the new node 3000 series using 1G network as well.
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According to the recommendations Nutanix guide is configured not to do so. 1G switches can not handle the traffic.
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It is not recommended but it will work, I have one setup working that way, however, suggest your customer to upgrade to 10Gb switches when possible, since performance cannot be guarantee with 1Gb.

The problem with 1Gb is based on the amount of metadata being moved between the nodes.

This comes from Nutanix Bible (Steven Poitras):

Looking at the Bandwidth
For traditional storage, there are a few main types of media for I/O:
  • Fiber Channel (FC)[list]
  • 4-, 8-, and 10-Gb
  • Ethernet (including FCoE)
    • 1-, 10-Gb, (40-Gb IB), etc.
    [/list]For the calculation below, we are using the 500MB/s Read and 460MB/s Write BW available from the Intel S3700.
    The calculation is done as follows:
    numSSD = ROUNDUP((numConnections * connBW (in GB/s))/ ssdBW (R or W))
    NOTE: Numbers were rounded up as a partial SSD isn’t possible. This also does not account for the necessary CPU required to handle all of the I/O and assumes unlimited controller CPU power.
    Network BWSSDs required to saturate network BW
    Controller ConnectivityAvailable Network BWRead I/OWrite I/O
    Dual 4Gb FC8Gb == 1GB23
    Dual 8Gb FC16Gb == 2GB45
    Dual 16Gb FC32Gb == 4GB89
    Dual 1Gb ETH2Gb == 0.25GB11
    Dual 10Gb ETH20Gb == 2.5GB56
    As the table shows, if you wanted to leverage the theoretical maximum performance an SSD could offer, the network can become a bottleneck with anywhere from 1 to 9 SSDs depending on the type of networking leveraged
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    Thanks for your replies   
    But seems that I didnt asked this question proper way!!!
    Nutanix cluster working fine. and now I purchased new node from the same model so I want to add it into the cluster.what is the best way to do this? Do I need to use the foundation again to add this node? please provide me with steps to complete such tasks if available.