Adding Hosts and Storage to SCVMM Manually (SCVMM User Interface)

  • 26 October 2021
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If you are unable to add hosts and storage to SCVMM by using the utility provided by Nutanix, you can add the hosts and storage to SCVMM by using the SCVMM user interface.



  • Login to the SCVMM user interface and click VMs and Services.

  • Right-click All Hosts and select Add Hyper-V Hosts and Clusters, and click Next.

  • Click Browse and select an existing Run as Account or create a new Run As Account by clicking Create Run As Account. Click OK and then click Next.

  • The specify the search scope for Virtual machine host candidates screen appears.

  • Type the failover cluster name in the Computer names text box, and click Next.

  • Select the failover cluster that you want to add, and click Next.

  • Select Re associate this host with this VMM environment check box, and click Next.
    The Confirm the settings screen appears.

  • Click Finish


  • Register a Nutanix SMB share as a library share in SCVMM by clicking Library and then adding the Nutanix SMB share.

    • Right-click the Library Servers and click Add Library Shares.

    • Click Add Unmanaged Share and type the SMB file share path, click OK, and click Next.

    • Click Add Library Shares.
      If all the parameters are correct, the library share is added.

  • Register the Nutanix SMI-S provider.

    • Go to Settings > Security > Run As Accounts and click Create Run As Account.

    • Enter the Prism username and password, de-select Validate domain credentials, and click Finish.
      Go to Fabric > Storage > Providers.

    • Right-click Providers and select Add Storage Devices.

    • Select SAN and NAS devices discovered and managed by a SMI-S provider check box, and Click Next.

    • Specify the protocol and address of the storage SMI-S provider.

      • In the Protocol drop-down menu, select SMI-S CIMXML.

      • In the Provider IP Address or FQDN text box, provide the Nutanix storage cluster name. For example, clus-smb

      • Select the Use Secure sockets layer SSL connection check box.

      • In the Run As Account field, click Browse and select the Prism Run As Account that you have created earlier, and click Next.

  • Click Import to verify the identity of the storage provider.
    The discovery process starts and at the completion of the process, the storage is displayed.

    • Click Next and select all the SMB shares exported by the Nutanix cluster except the library share and click Next.

    • Click Finish.
      The newly added provider is displayed under Providers. Go to Storage > File Clusters to verify that the Managed column is Yes.

  • Add the file shares to the Nutanix cluster by navigating to VMs and Services. Right-click the cluster name and select Properties.

  • Go to File Share Storage, and click Add to add file shares to the cluster.

  • From the File share path drop-down menu, select all the shares that you want to add, and click OK.

  • Right-click the cluster and click Refresh. Wait for the refresh job to finish.

  • Right-click the cluster name and select Properties > File Share Storage. You should see the access status with a green check mark, which means that the shares are successfully added.

  • Select all the virtual machines in the cluster, right-click, and select Refresh.

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