Adding disks to storagepool on CVM

  • 30 January 2023
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Hi all, 


I’m wondering if someone can help me out with the first install of a nutanix CE single cluster with esxi

The installation went fine but, and followed this link to make it work.

I see that only have 1 disk in the storagepool. Is there a way to add a disk into the CVM? or do I have to mount it first.


can someone help me out? 

many thanks. 



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4 replies



please follow this link

@eslam wageh is also gonna work for ESXi with nutanix CE?

Hello ,

it should work follow the same steps on esxi and update me .

HI @eslam wageh

looks i’m a bit confused. 

I installed de the version with esxi, but when the install ends, it gives me a failed-install on the end of the prompt of esxi. 

I connect the cvm file(vmx file to the hypervisor, with adding also iscsi adaptor and then some raw disks.


when I restart the cvm and check with lsblk

the command in esx and also in CVM virsh list --all looks is not working. 

Is there a way to edit that file another way.?


In the de Gui it stays with one disk.