Adding a G6 node to existing G5 block

  • 30 November 2018
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Hi All,

Is it possible that we add a G6 node to an existing Nutanix Block running 3 1065-G5 nodes?

or we will have to add another Nutanix block containing a single G6 node and make it part of the existing cluster?

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2 replies

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I don't know about the 1065 specifically, but in general terms you can run G6 in a G5 cluster. The actual documentation is in the support portal. In the support portal, log in and then go to the bottom left section to hardware replacement documentation, then select "compatability matrix". You can go to the top right, "filters" and select "intermixing", then in the other filters choose your Hypervisor and versions.

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you can add a G6 Node to your NX1365-G5 but you have to purchase the G6 node in a separate block; it is not allowed/supported to mix different generations in the same chassis; but for sure you can mix them within your cluster.

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