Acropolis Start Edition cannot use Volume Groups?

  • 22 January 2020
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Hi there,

I am new with Nutanix and I have a doubt about Acropolis licensing. We have 3 nutanix nodes with Acropolis Start Edition installed. Yesterday, my PRISM console report a License Feature Violation. Looking at , the only thing that I saw that could be wrong in my configuration was a Volume Group created for a test.

Just to be sure, in an Acropolis Start Edition can we create volume groups or this option should only be used in PRO and ULTIMATE editions?

The alert don’t give me more information about which feature is violating the license.

Thanks in advance for the help!






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Hi @Thelmo 

You should be able to see the specific feature called out if you click on “View Licensing Details” or “View Feature Violations” in the red banner at the top of the Prism UI. 

If the feature called out is “Nutanix Volumes” you’ve identified the issue correctly. The distinction is described in the Prism Web Console Guide, in the section for volume group configuration: 
Specifically this line:
“iSCSI access to a volume group is provided through Nutanix Volumes. For more information, see Nutanix Volumes.” 

The alternative is using Volume Groups directly attached to VMs on AHV. This is only available on AHV. Using Volume Groups for VM storage on other hypervisors requires you to enable and establish external access using iSCSI (i.e. Nutanix Volumes).

In practice, this correlates to the checkbox in VG creation “Enable external client access” which is part of the Create Volume Group UI. If you edit the volume group, uncheck this box and click Save, this should take care of the license violation. 

I believe the red banner remains present until the correlating alert is cleared. After clearing the alert you can re-check by running this command at the CVM:
ncc health_checks system_checks check_license_compliance
For more details on this health check see: 

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Were you able to resolve the licensing issue using the information I provided? If not, let me know what is seen from the View Feature Violations details, and maybe share a screenshot of the create volume group UI box. I’d be happy to help further. 

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Hi @Thelmo did any of the replies here help - be great to let the community know! Thanks