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  • 15 October 2014
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We are in the process of identifyng datacenter requirements for our Nutanix installation. One statement I recently heard was that the 1 gig ports for the nodes were primarily to address security concerns and that the 10 gig ports would satisfy most customers. Is this true? Are there any other downside issues to not using the 1 gig ports?

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No, it's all Ethernet so it doesn't matter really. Most nodes today have 2x10GbE and that should be more than enough. You might have a look at our networking best practices guide here:

Most customers today aren't using the 1GbE ports unless they need some physical isolation for maybe a handful of VM's. As you mentioned with security, let's say you have 5 VM's that need to be in your DMZ and your network team doesn't want to pipe DMZ traffic over a VLAN to the same physical network that your internal traffic is on - then we'd suggest configuring the 1GbE ports for that purpose and connect to the DMZ network.

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Thank you Cam