Windows sysprep not working

  • 20 August 2021
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Creating a Windows VM from clone and added custom xml file . The settings defined in xml file are not getting applied after VM is created.Can see the xml file mounted in E:\ drive.

Tried creating the VM with Prism element and powershell , same result.  

Logging into VM console and running sysprep manually pointing to unattended.xml file works.

Windows OS version is 2016 standard. 

AHV hypervisor. 

2 replies

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Hello Shivadecode,


We should be able to SysPrep Windows VM via following method. Let me now, if you are facing any issues.


Reference Link: 


Please let me know, if you are still facing issues !

Happy Troubleshooting !!


Did you stop your VM template with the sysprep command ?

sysprep /oobe /generalize /shutdown /mode:vm 


In that way, at the next boot, the operating system will check for the xml.

Be sure to make a snapshot before your sysprep command if you need to change anything in the template in the future.