Why so complicated?

  • 22 April 2021
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it used to take considerable effort to deploy nutanix in qemu/kvm lab, previously i had to modify install script to bypass bs hdd/ssd performance tests, etc

recently i had to test something and needed to deploy ahv,  i noticed installation iso and i thought, hey, i don’t think it was there before, probably nutanix is going in the right direction by simplifying things and now i get “an error occurred while trying to  illuminate the chassis led” and index out of range related to boot disk with that iso, lol

i guess i will have to dig into these install scripts again

please invest time in testing virtual deployments, and please follow KISS principle

off-topic: you have a category here in forums called “Deployment Success”, please create “Deployment Failure”, so that i and many others could properly place these threads

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This is insignificant error: “An error occurred while trying to  illuminate the chassis led”. Have you still modified minimum_req.py to bypass SSD requirements? What is your setup?