Whether to update ESXi nic drivers.

  • 23 March 2020
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When a Nutanix / vSphere cluster is deployed by Foundation the recommended drivers are installed, but after some time you may want to check if there is a newer driver recommended.


From the Nutanix perspective, we have covered this with an NCC Health Check: esx_driver_compatibility_check so if you update NCC and run a health check, this check should tell you whether there is a later driver version qualified by Nutanix. To run the check from the CLI use “ncc health_checks hypervisor_checks esx_driver_compatibility_check” from any CVM in the cluster. 

You may see a newer driver listed for your NIC hardware and ESXi version. A newer driver may not have been qualified yet by Nutanix and in some cases could cause issues for the cluster, so generally we recommend staying with the recommended drivers as identified by NCC.

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