Where does the newly created VM will go?

  • 25 September 2022
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Hi All,

Let’s say, in a Nutanix cluster with 3 nodes/hosts, when creating a new virtual machine(vm), in which node/host, a newly created VM will go, how it chooses the node to be there?

Scenerio 1 : Assume in all the 3 nodes/host, there are required compute and storage resources are there.

Scenerio 2 : Assume only two nodes/hosts has the required compute and storage resources are there?



1 reply

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Hello Vignesh,


When you create, restore, or recover VMs, the system assigns them to an AHV host in the cluster based on a recommendation from ADS. ADS tracks each individual node’s CPU and memory utilization. When a node’s CPU allocation breaches its threshold (currently 85 percent of CVM CPU), Nutanix migrates VMs or Nutanix Volumes off that host as needed to rebalance the workload. Using machine learning, ADS can adjust move thresholds over time from their initial fixed values to achieve the greatest efficiency without sacrificing performance.