VM to VM Networking Troubleshooting in AHV

  • 9 October 2020
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 The goal of this workflow is to walk-through troubleshooting VM to VM communication issues in a Nutanix Cluster. Most customers are very vague when they state they have a networking issue. We will go through painting a complete picture of the network topology by asking the right questions and running commands on the Hypervisors.




Initial Triage:

Questions to Ask: 

  • What hypervisor is running on the cluster? 

  • What guestOS is running on the VMs?

  • Are the VMs on the same node or different nodes? 

  • Are the VMs configured to use the same VLAN? 

  • What method is the customer using to test connectivity? 

  • Is there any Firewalls or ACLs that would stop this VM traffic? 


Information to gather: 

  • NIC teaming/bond configuration on node.

  • Switch vendor and model from upstream switch.

  • Interface configurations for the interfaces connecting to the nodes.

  • If ESXi is the customer running  on a Standard vSwitch or Distributed vSwitch?

  • VLAN information for each VM.

  • IP and Subnet Mask configuration for each VM.

Hypervisor Networking Commands: 


Information To Gather:

Where to get this information:

Information To Gather:

Where to get this information:

Uplinks used on host

From CVM: manage_ovs show_interfaces

Bond configuration

From CVM: manage_ovs show_uplinks

VLANs used by VMs

Prism VM tab

IP Configuration for the VMs



For more info on AHV networking and VM networking:

Ahv Networking Best Practices

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