VM's uptime get reset in vCenter after migrating the VM when we put host into maintenance mode from CVM's Putty Session

  • 24 July 2019
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Recently i have upgraded some Firmware for one of the cluster. Firmware upgrade has migrated all VMs to other host and put the host into maintenance mode. i was cross checking the behavior on vcenter and found in tune as per process but after migrating all VMs to other host it reset the uptime for all migrated VMs in vcenter logs/view. but when checked guest os uptime then it was older than vcenter info. (VMs were not rebooted).

i am unable to understand that, is it a bug or do i have an issue with Nutanix cluster.

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Hi @Diwakar.sharma

I do not understand the problem here, but when you upgrade firmware using the LCM feature, the Nutanix ask vCenter to migrate all the UVMs (user VMs) to another host in the cluster, then shutdown the CVM. Not sure about what uptime you are talking about, but again, Nutanix have no relation with the UVMs uptimes and migration, since your hypervisor is VMware, that information is provided by the ESXi host and as you noticed, the UVMs are not rebooted, but migrated using vMotion to another host.

Can you show me what uptime are you referring about?