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  • 23 January 2021
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Is there a way to check the versions of all Nutanix components in one view? “ncli cluster info” displays the AOS and NCC versions, but not those of AHV and PC. The AHV and PC versions may be obtained from the PC UI (in different places though). Further, the Nutanix release timeline shows AOS 5.18 as the latest, but the documentation has tags for 5.19?


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3 replies

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 Hi @CyberG,

I guess you can do that using the LCM page where you will find, after doing an inventory, all the components and related version. Of course you would use Prism Element for cluster components and Prism Central for shared components. Hope it helps!

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I agree with @UPX  PC LCM is the closest you can get to the goal. It does not show the AHV version, however. As per the timeline, don’t forget that it is a non-official resource on Nutanix. AOS 5.19 is the latest STS version.

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Thank you @Alona . Of course, that timeline is not official (my brain fade!).