Upgrading Nutanix Move

  • 2 October 2020
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Nutanix Move is a very versatile tool which is used to migrate existing VMs, from various storage sources and hypervisors, into a Nutanix infrastructure. Many users have already enjoyed its functionality and ease-of-use.

Often, users will migrate multitudes of VMs into their new Nutanix infrastructure using Move, and then either delete or forget about the Move VM itself thereafter. Later, when more VMs are sought to be migrated, users will either reinstall Move again or attempt to leverage the Move VM that remained from the previous migration.

For those users leveraging an existing Move VM within their infrastructure and, as it is generally a good idea to use the latest version of Move when possible, it is possible to upgrade the Move VM to the latest available version right from its own dashboard (and, even by CLI if desired).

You can find more information regarding upgrading Move from within the Online Upgrade section of the Move User Guide.

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