Trying to produce Projects and Roles report

  • 5 August 2019
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So I can use prism central to go into each project and get the access control list, which is group and role. I am unable to decipher the API to produce a comprehensive list of Projects with the associated Group with Role. Does anyone know the link between these sets of data? I can get individual lists. The Access_Control_Policy does not have the correct information. I have a particular role that does not show up in a dump of the acp list or details. I've looked by uuid and name.


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API Endpoint: https://{Your-PrismCentral}:9440/api/nutanix/v3/projects/list
POST with body:
"offset": 0,
"length": 100

Disclaimer: This API endpoint isn't Published in the API Documentation but it does exist. It probably isn't ready for GA yet so depending on the Version of Prism Central you have, it may have unexpected results.