The Connection story, “Cluster Expansion, AOS and the Hypervisor”

  • 18 February 2020
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Let’s take a moment here to accept that we all have had questions regarding the AOS or Hypervisor versions in the cluster and the node to be added during Cluster expansion. These questions arise if the new node is imaged before adding it to the cluster.


For us, we can say, “With great expansions, comes not so great dependencies”


There can be 3 common scenarios:-

  1. Same AOS and Hypervisor version:- All good, no action required... The node is just a click away from the cluster.
  2. AOS is same, Hypervisor is different:- Re-image the node before adding it to the cluster.
  3. AOS is different, Hypervisor is the same:- Two scenarios here:-

Cluster AOS version < Node AOS version:- Upgrade AOS in the cluster and it becomes scenario 1.

Cluster AOS version > Node AOS version:- You can upgrade the AOS in the node using the CLI command mentioned in the doc at the end. 


To have a good idea of the above scenarios and things to consider while expanding the cluster, take a look at this document.


Have any questions, drop a comment in this forum and let us start discussing.

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