SNMP Monitoring from Solarwinds NCentral

  • 13 February 2020
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I’ve configured a Nutanix device running Prism 5.10 with SNMP - I’ve set a transport for UDP on port 161 and made sure there’s a tick in Enable for Nutanix objects.  But when I try to run an SNMPWalk or SNMPGet from a device on the same subnet to start building a custom service in Solarwinds NCentral I get no response from the device.  To confirm the issue isn’t on the server I’m running the query from I’ve done the same thing to another windows server and that works fine, so I’m fairly confident I’ve got the local firewall configured, I’m just not getting a response from the Nutanix device?

I configured a trap on the Nutanix device and pointed that at the same server and that worked, it just doesn’t seem to be responding to incoming SNMP requests?  Any suggestions as to what I may have missed would be gratefully accepted!

8 replies

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Hi there!

Note: Nutanix appliances support only SNMP v2c and v3 (support for v2c in AOS 5.5 and higher). Starting from AOS version 4.1, auth-type MD5 cannot be used. Also, for SNMP v2c, we support SNMP TRAP and not SNMP GET.

You can test the connection by running the following command on any CVM (assuming the same passwords are used as in the first nCLI command).

nutanix@cvm$ sudo snmpwalk -v 3 -l authPriv -u SNMPUser -x AES -X AESPrivKeyExample -a sha -A SHAAuthKeyExample .system


Try this article KB-1333 Configuring and Troubleshooting SNMP monitoring and let us know if that helps.

Hi Alona,


Thanks for that, think it’s got me heading in the right direction.  I’ve managed to do a SNMP V3 walk of a device now, but I’m not getting all the things I’d expect.  Can we do things like temperature checking?  I’ve looked through the explanation of the various fields and none seem to relate to the underlying hardware state, beyond things like drive sizes and available bytes.  


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Hi Graham, I am not too sure as to why you’re not able to poll temperature data. You can download MIB file from the Prism (Settings>SNMP - View MiB) to see contents of the MiBs objects. Alternatively, you can use the host’s hardware vendor SNMP MiBs.


Hmm, what IP would you expect to monitor for the underlying hardware state?  I’m currently doing the mibwalk against one of the controller VM’s and the only things I get back related to temps are traps, not the actual temperature?  When I point the mibwalk at the management IP I don’t get anything back.  I’m getting things like the storage pool info, but not the temperature data.

Thanks for your help on this!


Hi All,

You can try running snmpwalk against the IPMI management port, but it depends on what hardware you’re running the walk against. If you’re running Nutanix hardware, you can find the MIB file on the Supermicro website.

Please check out this KB article:

Additional to post above you can use KB below for setting up SNMP in IPMI

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Hi Graham,

I looked at Nutanix AOS MIB file as well Supermicro MIB file and in both of them, temperature data is a trap not a poll, unfortunately.

You can look at the contents of the file yourself at Prism Settings>SNMP - View MiB

Is anyone willing to create a walkthrough for SNMP Monitoring in N-Central?