SnapShot Deleted but Have a Large Capacity

  • 5 August 2022
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Hello, warriors of the digital age

Could you help a beginner in trouble? 

I took an internal snapshot yesterday to prepare for a problem moving nodes from an existing cluster to another cluster 

The previous one was done well, and the snapshot was about 1.8gb, but I found that even though I deleted the snapshot, I still had about 1tb of capacity left

I checked if the data was increased on another vm, but it didn't, so I think it's because of the snapshot

Erasing the snapshot doesn't reduce the capacity. What should I do?

Where should I check first?

AOS / ESXI7.0 u2a




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Hi @junsu 

I think it’s related to curator scans. Please check this article

Here’s an extract:


After removing or deleting many large files or VMs, free space on the Nutanix cluster appears to not increase or takes a few hours before the free space is seen/reclaimed.

The service responsible for cleaning up space, Curator, takes time to perform scans on the cluster and spreads the storage across the disks and carefully removes the correct files (egroups) while maintaining redundancy for any data you want to keep.
It takes a few Curator scans before all expected free space is available again. To remove more data, it will take longer time for Curator to clean up data relative to the existing workload of the cluster.


In case after 36 hours, space is not reclaimed and does not appear as free space, consider engaging Nutanix Support 

Hope this helps



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It's a cluster that's out of warranty, so I think we should expect it to be resolved in 36 hours

It's a dangerous world with infectious diseases, but I hope your body is always healthy and happy  

Thank you bcaballero

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