Snapshot creation

  • 24 April 2019
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Please help on where are the created snapshots stored in Nutanix

4 replies

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Hi @Nanda

Snapshots are stored on HDD/SSD disks of Nutanix cluster. Keep in mind that we can take snapshot at hypervisor level and also at Nutanix level, which can offer much better performance, but in both cases the snapshots are stored on HDD/SSD disks.

Note that we can also store snapshots remotely in a different cluster using our data protection features for DR purposes.
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@RichardsonPorto Thank you so much.

As per this video(Link below), when the new data is written to the cloned/snapshotted vDisk, what happens when we delete a snapshot? Say we created three snapshots and deleted a second snapshot which have new data written while the base vDisk was read only, what happens to the newly written data?

Will it be committed to the base vDisk or the current state snapshot will be alive and other will be deleted?
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Actually there is no "committed" data do base disk... when you delete a snapshot and/or clone, the block map for that vDisk will be deleted and also any extent not in use by any other snapshot and/or clone will also be deleted to release the space.

For instance, on Youtbe video from link that you shared, if you delete the Snap1/Clone1, only the vDisk/block map will be deleted, since the extents D2 and E1 are in use by Snap2.
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What is the difference between hypervisor level and nutanix level snapshot?@RichardsonPorto