Sizer Extent Store and Actual Container Size

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Can anybody confirm if the Extent Store size shown in the Nutanix Sizer tool will be equal to the Container Maximum Capacity that can be used by the VMs for data storage?

I am designing a 3-node cluster with following Disks
3 * 960 GB SSD
6 * 4 TB HDD

Nutanix Sizer shows Extent Store (Assuming RF2) = 9.63 TiB for HDD and 0.64 TiB for SSD
The total shown is 10.27. Will this value be the Maximum Capacity available for the Container to be made out of storage pool?

As I have observed the Container Maximum Capacity is exactly half of what the Storage Pool Capacity is shown. What will be the Storage Pool Capacity shown for the above mentioned specs and is this value visible in Nutanix Sizer tool/Storage Capacity Calculator?

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HI Muhammad,

The (max) storage container capacity is SIZE of Storage Pool divided by RF.
And yes: the output for effective capacity (RFx) is the container max. capacity.
Please also take into consideration the failover capacity: if you have more than 6,9 TB used it cannot tolerate a node failure anymore.
Also please note that there may be some small differences between the sizer output and your planned cluster environment.