Security Policy for cvm (iptables,acl,ipfilter,tcp wrapper) please ㅠㅠ

  • 21 September 2022
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Please save me
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I'm doing a server security check with a client

I can't find some of my questions in portal or kb documents, so I'm writing here,

so I'd appreciate it if you could answer them

I don't care if there's a clue. Please answer me

If there's a document, just give me a link


Nutanix's cvm is based on Linux, right?

1. Can I set the limit of ip address and port for a specific host in Nutanix cvm?
For example, allow access only to cvm or ip of a particular console and block the remaining ip


2. I can't set iptables, ipfilter, or tcp wrapper in cvm, right?


3. In cvm, acl (Access Control List) cannot change the setting value, right?
 If I can't change it, is there a reason? 



3 replies

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hi junsu


you can look here : in the Security Guide.


there is possibility for hardening CVM access.

Nutanix has been designed to be exposed, whenever is is set up on prem or on the Internet so there is not such a thing as limiting ip that can connect to cvm. However there is way to restrict such IP at the AHV host level or at cvm level, be carefull to not just cut yourself from your distant access.

edit : updated the URL to the most recent version

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Thank you for your good advice👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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You can't get more answers about it?😭