REST API PE Clone customization

  • 18 May 2020
  • 4 replies

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to clone a vm with a cloud-init customization but i don’t know how to put the cloud-init in the userdata string.

Thanks for you help

4 replies

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Hey @sysvialink let me search and get back to you with some relevant information.:relaxed:

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Hey @sysvialink , can you check this KB 6539 once and see if this helps to resolve your issue?

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 Hey @sysvialink,


Have you figured this out?


The spec for cloud_init should be like this.


"guest_customization": {    
  "cloud_init": {
"is_overridable": false


For the string, it can be shell script/JSON file but it must be base64 encoded.

Take a look at solution 2 of -

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Hey @sysvialink did any of the above help you resolve the issue. 


Let us know here if you need any help.:smile: