Report for dedicated VM usage in cluster

  • 3 April 2020
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Hello community,

Maybe one of you can assist me for a report of cluster usage. I need a report which gives me the usage of all VMs in a cluster. But I need this information for every VM separated. In the analysis page I can only create a chart for on VM and with over 600 VM this take a long time...

I need for a time span of the last 3 month the following information of the VMs

  • IOPS (min,max, avg)
  • RAM (min,max,avg)
  • CPU (min,max,avg)

Is it possible with the analysis page or with an cli command ?

2 replies

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Hi @M

The above request can be achieved through Report Management feature in Prism Central


Please follow Prism Central Guide

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Hi Marvin,


Assuming you have Prism Central deployed, it provides vast options for generating reports. In addition to the URL above please see KB-9186 Custom Virtual Machine Report Creation in Prism Central.


Let me know if that helps at all.