Remote Diagnostics

  • 17 January 2020
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Remote diagnostic service is an on-demand log collection from Insights which leverages Pulse workflow, which is used to diagnose a specific issue which can be related to specific service unlike pulse which provides a high-level log collection service.

The remote diagnostics allows Nutanix support to collect a set of logs for troubleshooting specific issue and it contains:

  1. Services related logs

  2. Custom gflags

  3. Activity traces for Nutanix services 

  4. Hypervisor logs and configuration 

  5. System statistics

  6. NCC health check reports



When Nutanix Systems Reliability Engineers needs some diagnostics data to be collected they go through the following workflow: 




The Remote diagnostic is enabled by default with Pulse and Remote Diagnostics can be disabled later by having the Pulse service still enabled which is required for proactive monitoring of the cluster. Only authenticated and authorized users from support, sales and customer success can use the Nutanix Remote Diagnostics to initiate diagnostic collection.

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