Redfish Protocol in LCM

  • 29 January 2021
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LCM 2.4 introduced a new protocol called the Redfish Protocol. It uses a RESTful API interface for server management. While there are many improvements introduced in the backend, there are a couple of improvements done on the frontend as well.

The main improvement on the frontend is that LCM now performs the BMC and BIOS updates using Redfish twice as fast as the older method of using a Phoenix ISO. The time gained is due to fewer restarts needed for BMC and BIOS (no restarts needed for BMC updates and one restart for BIOS updates).

While there are specific requirements for LCM to utilize the Redfish protocol, the LCM UI in LCM 2.4 displays this information in the Inventory Pane.

For more information about the requirements and the LCM UI, take a look at the Redfish Protocol documentation on the Support Portal.

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