Re-claiming a cluster license

  • 20 February 2020
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Let's say you have modified the license assignments, removed a node from the cluster and you got an alert in Prism stating that there is no current license for the cluster. 

You can reclaim and optionally re-apply licenses for nodes in your clusters. This procedure describes how to reclaim licenses where the cluster is not configured with Portal Connection or the cluster is not connected to the internet (also known as dark-site clusters).

  • After you remove a node, you can also move the node to another cluster. More info.
  • You must un-license your cluster when you plan to destroy a cluster. More info
  • Return licenses to your inventory when you remove one or more nodes from a cluster.
  • You can reclaim licenses for nodes in your clusters in cases where you want to make modifications or downgrade licenses. More info
  • You do not need to reclaim Starter licenses for Nutanix NX Series platforms. These licenses are automatically applied whenever you create a cluster.

For more information about reclaiming a license, check out the few easy steps and instructions in our portal: Reclaiming Licenses or check out our Full Nutanix Licensing Guide

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