Powershell CMdlets script

  • 18 June 2020
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Hello Team,

Do we have script which we can run to get the cluster details from Prism Central.

Like Total CPU and usage CPU ,Total Memory and usage memory and same for storage, and also want to schedule that report in email.

Please help me with script to get the details

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5 replies

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Hey @dhiru2889 can you take a look at this document which mentiones how to use POWERSHELL CMDLETS to get the cluster details and various other things. :relaxed:


Hello Anish Walia20 : Thanks for the reply ,i have checked the same link but using that its not showing the cluster report .its only showing the cluster status like what is version and all .

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Hey, @dhiru2889 I researched more about this and I am afraid there is no such way or script to do specifically what you ask. 

This document lists the entities which can be managed by Powershell CMDlets:

The below lists the operations permitted for a cluster using Powershell CMDlets: 



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hey, @dhiru2889 did you go through the attached doc links in the above reply?

I hope I was able to clear your doubt. Let me know if you need anything else.:relaxed:



Hello Anish,

NO its was not helpful for me because its not giving the report what i am looking for and its one line command which is not showing that cluster report .

Second i was looking for the script which will automate and send the report daily basis in mail body.