Power supply is down on block name

  • 15 June 2021
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Need help to understand problem and help. We have 4 nodes. Today saw one node have a problem with the power supply:

use this command:

ncc health_checks hardware_checks ipmi_checks power_supply_check


1# FAIL: Power supply 1 is down on block block <name>

2# FAIL: Power supply 1 is down on block block <name>

My next action if physically all fine with PSU.

Find in KB7386:

  • Restore the power supply as soon as possible...
  • If PSU info unavailable, upgrade to the latest BMC firmware, and apply factory default after BMC upgrade…

If update BMC how long time to need and downtime need?

Need help fix this problem, and your help, what steps do next.


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Hi @Antons 

Please ssh into the host as root and execute the following commands to check the power supply status


[root@esxi]# /ipmitool sensor list | grep -i PS


[root@ahv]# ipmitool sensor list | grep -i PS


PS C:\> ipmiutil.exe sensor list | grep -i PS


The output of each of these should show PS1 and PS2 with a value of 0x1 or 01.

This indicates a good PSU reading status.  If a PSU shows a value other than the good readings above, please run the same command on other hosts in the same block. If the power supply is bad, you will need to work with your hardware vendor to replace it. If it is Nutanix, please open a support ticket. You can use LCM to upgrade BMC on the nodes. BMC upgrade takes approximately 20-30 min.