Possible to replace Seagate EXOS drives with larger capacity EXOS drives?


I have a 3 node 1065 G6 cluster running AHV VMs. I currently have six 6TB EXOS drives and want to expand capacity by replacing them with 12TB EXOS drives. Nutanix says that this is not supported, but has anyone replaced drives to expand capacity? I have no money in the budget for another node.

Thanks for any info.


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@jimfox Sorry for this very long delay in responding to your concern. If i am not wrong these are HDD drives and if so, you should be able to mark these disks out of the cluster one at a time (if your cluster has enough space) and then replace them one at a time with the new larger drives.


If you are still concerned about this let us know.






I have this issue now active. @sbarab can you help ? 

Thank you.