Nutanix Task Log Size - Tracking down power actions

  • 1 September 2021
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We are running a Nutanix AHV / Citrix EUC environment.  We are currently chasing down a problem where we are being told by our Citrix team that machine power on requests are taking 4 - 5 minutes at times.

I have asked for specific examples, and the examples I have seen - when looking at the acropolis.out log - show the task for power actions taking 7 seconds to complete.

A missing piece here is that the acropolis.out log is showing when the task is being executed but I don’t see where the task request came in.  Following this article: I see it clearly documented on how to track down the task.


However, our task log shows like, 500 tasks.  Is there a limit set somewhere? It seems like the log is for a very short window.  When I look up the task ID, I get no data at all.  We have 10,000 VDAs so, during a busy time, 500 tasks flush out in minutes, if not quicker.

2 replies

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Hello Mike,

If you are looking for more tasks to print, use following syntax.

ecli task.list limit=5000



Will this allow me to see more tasks that already exist or will this extend the task queue going forward?