Nutanix snapshot how he lives together with esxi ?

  • 15 February 2019
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I need to understand how nutanix snapshot he lives together with vmware snapshot.

It's possible to protect VM with Nutanix snapshot although maybe some users make snapshots from vmware side ?
Do they work together ? are there any contraindications or special attentions ?
Do they not interfere with each other?

I think only be careful not to interfere any restore snapshot from nutanix side with any backup/snapshot made vmware side (aka veeam) ?


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2 replies

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Hello @Manuel80  

Sorry for the late reply. 

The following documentations might help you to understand Disaster Recovery in Nutanix Architecture and how Veeam, Commvault or third-party integration happen.​​​​​​

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AFAIK, if you have esxi, you will not be able to take VM level snapshot from Nutanix. 

For Protect Domain- you should not take Esxi level VM snapshot if the VM is part of the PD, as the replication would fail for that VM in the PD. You would see an alert for that too.