Nutanix Resolve And Acknowledge Alerts

  • 24 January 2021
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Hi! After using 2 of API calls
i’ve received this response

{  "num_successful_updates": 1,  "num_failed_updates": 0,  "alert_status_list": [            {      "id": "0:0",      "successful": true,      "message": null    }        ]    }I wasn’t able to understand what the “id” field in “alert_status_list” means, if someone here could clarify I would really appreciate it.

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2 replies

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Hey, @TomNeeman 

I think the ‘id’ here should be the alert ID or maybe it can be the status of the alert, ‘0’ for a successful operation and non-zero for a failure.

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Hi TomNeeman,

You can use get/alerts to capture “id” and the “message”.

For example:

  "acknowledged_by_username": "N/A",
"message": "{file_server_alert_msg}",
"detailed_message": "",
"alert_title": "{file_server_smart_alert_title}",
"acknowledged_time_stamp_in_usecs": 1611711650534653,
"resolved_time_stamp_in_usecs": 1611711650534645,
"resolved_by_username": "N/A",
"user_defined": false,
"affected_entities": [
"entity_type": "file_server",
"entity_type_display_name": null,
"entity_name": null,
"uuid": "fc071bd0-1234-417c-4567-fdaeebc68161",
"id": "fc071bd0-1234-417c-4567-fdaeebc68161"

Let us know how you go.