Nutanix NTP Sync with Microsoft Windows NTP Services?

Hi Guys,

We have 3x Nutanix clusters in North America and Singapore all with daily alert as below:

“The host (x.x.x.x) is not synchronizing with any NTP server. This might occur if none of the configured NTP servers are available or you are currently experiencing network instability determined by the high offset/high jitter.”

TAC telling us have to replace with Linux OS based NTP services to resolve this issue.

Is there any solution or workaround to make NTP sync with MS NTP properly eq. patching etc. ? 


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I’ve noticed the same problem but we’ve moved our NTP sources to be different devices now (core network switches) and that’s our new standard and Nutanix no longer complains.

I wonder though, have you tried playing with these settings?


/LocalClockDispersion:<seconds>: Configures the accuracy of the internal clock that W32Time will assume when it can't acquire time from its configured sources.

/reliable:(YES|NO): Set whether this computer is a reliable time source. This setting is only meaningful on domain controllers.

  • YES: This computer is a reliable time service.
  • NO: This computer is not a reliable time service.

From: Windows Time service tools and settings | Microsoft Docs


To make Windows ‘pretend’ its reliable? 




Hi @SteveCoops 

Good day.

Thanks for your comment first​​​​, I will work with team to try this way. We won’t enable NTP services on core network equipment standing on network security perspective and domain controller acting as core NTP servers to bring the whole corp. equipment have appropriate time sync.

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Hello dwang,

Nutanix recommends using at least 5 stable time sources that have a high degree of accuracy and that can be reached over a reliable network connection. Generally, the lower the stratum of an NTP source, the higher its accuracy. If lower stratum time sources (e.g. stratum 0, stratum 1) are difficult to gain access to, then higher stratum time sources (e.g. stratum 2, stratum 3) may be used. For more details, see Nutanix Recommendation for Time Synchronization.

If the environment contains Windows Active Directory (AD) servers, configure the Nutanix cluster to sync to the same time source as the AD environment.