Nutanix Nodes Port Connectivity

  • 21 November 2023
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Hi Please help me on below confusion,

Actually i have three Nutanix nodes which node imaging has been done successfully and assigned VLAN ID for CVM and AHV as well.

Problem is

I have three switches  one for management switch and the other two are TOR Switches.

and i have configured the VLAN ID on TOR Switches for CVM and AHV but i haven't configured any VLAN ID over the management switch.

I am able to ping the all  IP address from switch side but unable to ping the all ip address from user end(laptop).

what i should do now.

should i configure VLAN ID on  Management switch as well.


where i should check the ping status all IPs vice versa after resolving this issue i need to create cluster.

how i should check the ip address vice versa from the management switch.

and Gateway also is not pinging ..

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5 replies

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You have mention you have configured the VLAN ID on the switch, is the nutanix connected on trunk port or access port?

if it is connected on trunk port you can configure the native VLAN on nutanix connect ports.

if you dont want to configure the natvie VLAN on the ports then you have to tag it from AHV

and CVM.  below are commands to go the tagging on AHV & CVM



ovs-vsctl set port br0 tag=vlanid




for the IPMI Ports you can connect on access port on the switch 


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On TOR switch have configured VLAN ID for both AHV and CVM

we did not configure any vlan I'd management switch.

The gate way also is not pinging from my laptop.

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if your laptop is not pinging from your laptop then mean you might have issue related network.

is it a newly introduced VLAN?

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New vlan

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For TOR Switched introduced a new vlan

And management for Native vlan.