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  • 13 March 2021
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Nutanix Insights is a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that aims to redefine the Support experience for our customers, and significantly improve the health of their clusters, by leveraging the telemetry we receive from clusters where a customer has activated Pulse. 

Nutanix includes a set of features known collectively as Insights that provides a predictive health and support automation platform. Insights dynamically analyzes the extent to which you are following best practices in configuring your clusters for long-term reliability, availability, and performance.

Insights works as follows:

  • Pulse collects cluster data and sends it to Nutanix customer support.

  • The Pulse data goes to the Insights engine, a SaaS-like service in the cloud, that does deep analytical processing of the Pulse telemetry and identifies potential issues based on findings or patterns in the data. Insights employs analytics built on historical data and best practices to identify cluster configuration gaps that affect reliability, availability, or performance before they become a serious problem. (This is complementary to alerts, which identify current issues that need addressing.)

  • A discovery is reported for each issue (see Discoveries Menu). The discovery describes the issue and provides links to relevant sources for details.

  • The discovery also includes recommended actions ("call to actions") that you can take to remedy the situation.

  • If the discovery is severe or complex enough, the smart support feature (see Smart Support Menu) automatically generates a customer support case to address the issue. Diagnostics (see Diagnostics Summary View) such as log files are collected automatically and attached to the case (if you allow such collection).


Customers can expect an immersive and actionable experience with Nutanix Insights:

  • Health View is a unified cross-site, cluster and geography ‘health’ focused view into your Nutanix private or hybrid cloud deployment.

  • Actionable Discoveries enable IT operators to focus their attention on improving the health, availability and performance of their Nutanix deployments with a view of prioritized ‘discoveries’.

  • Application Insights will, in the future, provide specific Nutanix best practice guidance and concrete recommendations for applications and workloads, ensuring all workloads are tuned for best performance

Please follow the document for more information:


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