Nutanix DR solutions Workflow

  • 17 July 2021
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Nutanix DR solutions Workflow


The following flowchart provides you with the detailed representation of the Nutanix DR solutions. This workflow helps you to understand and decide on which DR strategy is best suited for your environment.


This workflow covers all the three DR strategies:

  • Protection Domain based DR

  • Leap (on-prem to on-prem)

  • Xi Leap (on-prem to xi cloud services) DR solutions of Nutanix




Nutanix provides disaster recovery in Prism Element Web console with the following Recovery Point Objective (RPO) ranges.


  • Async DR: 60 minutes or greater

    • Scheduled with an RPO greater than or equal to 60 minutes are referred to only as asynchronous scheduled and use full snapshots.

    • Schedules can be configured in terms of hours, delays, weeks and months


  • NearSync DR: Between 1 and 15 minutes

    • Schedules with an RPO between 1 and 15 minutes are called NearSync schedules.

    • In reality, these scheduled are also asynchronous schedules, but they have 15 minute or lower RPOs.

    • Schedules can be configured in terms of minutes.


  • No disaster Recovery with RPO between 15 and 59 minutes

    • Data protection or disaster recovery schedules between 15 and 59 minutes are ot possible.


For more info on Async DR, please refer Async DR

For more info on Near sync disaster recovery, please refer NearSync

For more info on Metro Availability, please refer Metro


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