Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC)

  • 18 September 2020
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Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) is cluster-resident software that can help diagnose cluster health and identify configurations qualified and recommended by Nutanix. Depending on the issue discovered, NCC raises an alert or automatically creates Nutanix Support cases. NCC can be run provided that the individual nodes are up, regardless of cluster state.

NCC actions are grouped into plugins and modules:

  1. A Plugin is a purpose-specific or component-specific code block inside a module, commonly referred to as a check. A plugin can be a single check or one or more individual related checks.
  2. A Module is a logical group of common-purpose plugins. It can also be a logical group of common-purpose modules

NCC Output: Each NCC plugin is a test that completes independently of other plugins. Each test completes with one of these status types:

  1. PASS
  2. FAIL
  3. WARN
  4. INFO
  5. ERR

NCC can be executed via:

a) GUI

b) CLI

Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) 3.10 Guide Reference Link

Logbay Tags Reference Guide for Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) 3.10

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