Nutanix BMC and BIOS

  • 31 October 2020
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Nutanix platforms use a baseboard management controller (BMC) and basic input/output system (BIOS) to control the motherboard.

The Nutanix BIOS contains optimized power management settings by default. Please do not change Power Management Configuration settings in the BIOS. Nutanix does not support custom power management configurations, and changing the power management settings in the BIOS can cause unpredictable behavior.

Procedures updating the BMC and BIOS:

1. Upgrade through LCM

2. Manual Upgrade

BMC: Nutanix BMC Manual Upgrade Guide

BIOS: Nutanix BIOS Manual Upgrade Guide

Note: Always upgrade BMC before BIOS

Release Notes: G6 And G7 Platforms

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