Not able to Delete Snapshot of a Deleted VM(AHV)

  • 30 April 2020
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I have exported list of all snapshots running on AHV in our environment. On a few snapshots, VM name is empty. I suspect, this is because VM has been deleted without deleting snapshot. Now how to delete such snapshots?

Below is example: Snapshot name is “removing ngt”

VM-Name Snapshot-Name Creation-Time  
servername Test Snapshot 3/19/2019 11:00  
  removing ngt 2/6/2020 1:00  



Best answer by Alona 7 May 2020, 03:02

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Hi Charu,


I would suggest to verify if the snapshot does belong to a non-existing VM first. You can pull the snapshot information with the aCLI command below:

nutanix@cvm$ acli snapshot.get <name_of_the_snapshot>

Look for “vm_uuid: ” field in the output. Then query cluster for the VM’s UUID (below is an example):

ncli vm ls id=60646064-e056-2f2f-0000-0e0733edcabcd [None]

If the output is [None] as in the example above then the snapshot is truly an orphan. To remove it please open a case with Nutanix Support.


Let me know if that helps, please.

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Thanks Alona, your suggestion helps me to confirm and delete the snapshot.


acli snapshot.delete <snapshot uuid>