[NIACTOOL] Nutanix invenotry acropolis collector tool ( AHV / ESXi )

  • 25 September 2019
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i want to share NIACtool v2.5 Beta.

It can be run on windows operating systems, it is possible to obtain a complete infrastructure report detailing the virtual machines created. Supports ESXi and AHV hypervisors. The result is a fully modifiable Excel document.


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5 replies


Thank you for sharing. I was trying to Run you executable app but I got error message: No module Named requests.
I tried to run it on Windows 10 & Windows 7 running as Administrator but no success.
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What version are you trying?

I returned to "compile" NIACtool with a more recent version. Please try again

Please download :
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Thanks for sharing @dlira with the community! 👍
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New BETA version (v2.6) , A small CLI was created for the more automatic creation of documents, ideal to add it to some script or bash.

The same NIACtool.exe is used for the graphic interface as CLI



Thanks for sharing @dlira with the community! 👍