New SSD not showing in Prism after replacing

  • 18 October 2023
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Hello All,


We have a node that had an SSD failure and after replacing, the new SSD is not showing up in Prism and running the sas3ircu command still shows the original SSD. But when enabling the LSI HBA in the BIOS and looking at the config utility, it sees the new SSD.


All the nodes are running ESXi and all FW are up to date.


Could anyone tell me what we should do next? TIA.

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6 replies

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Anything about the disks when running a ncc check?


when running lsscsi in the cvm, the new disk is shown?

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NCC check fails, the CVM on the node is on a boot loop so I couldn’t run it.

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So, you changed an SSD on a node where the cvm is in a boot loop?? Please try first to fix the cvm so it is running correctly. 

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Yes, the CVM should be running… Without CVM new data in Prism will not be shown…

Maybe Nutanix support can assist you in this one...

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Sorry, the CVM was running when the SSD failed.

Tried to remove the SSD via the “Remove Disk” in Prism wouldn’t let us so we forced remove the failed SSD via the CLI. We then added the new SSD and didn’t realize that the CVM was in a boot loop.

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Is there a comparable command in ESXi for the Hyper-V command ‘Repair-CVM’?