New KB Articles Published on Week Ending May 8, 2021

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Below are new knowledge base articles published on the week of May 2-8, 2021.

  • KB 10315 - Unable to boot to Windows after P2V conversion to AHV
  • KB 11030 - Node add fails with VMD-enabled nodes on AOS 5.19.1 or
  • KB 11040 - Alerts page in Prism displays entity type in Source Entity column instead of the name of the entity
  • KB 11121 - "Host restore VM localityā€¯ task disappears in Prism if the VM migrations fail
  • KB 11173 - Xi Frame - Cannot send email on port 25 in a Frame VDI session hosted in AWS
  • KB 11204 - Metadata IO latency spikes intermittently after Nutanix Files upgrade to 3.8
  • KB 11215 - CVM fails to boot after UEFI firmware upgrade on Lenovo nodes
  • KB 11218 - Memory hot-add to a UVM running on AHV is rounded up to the next GB
  • KB 11228 - High metadata IOPS observed after Nutanix Files upgrade to 3.8
  • KB 11248 - LCM fails with error "Foundation Api [reboot_to_phoenix] failed" after Foundation 5.0 upgrade
  • KB 11256 - LCM: Lenovo SATADOM FW upgrades not showing in Inventory

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