New KB Articles Published on Week Ending May 22, 2021

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Below are new knowledge base articles published on the week of May 16-22, 2021.

  • KB 11189 - How to secure the bootloader with a user-defined password
  • KB 11190 - RHEL STIG requirement for actions when audit storage is full
  • KB 11191 - How to configure CVM to use nutanix user on AHV instead of root
  • KB 11192 - How Envoy handles downstream service failures
  • KB 11193 - New users are added to AHV: "nutanix" and "admin"
  • KB 11252 - SSL Certificates and the Secure Gateway Appliance for Frame
  • KB 11312 - AOS upgrade notification shows 5.20.x as Short Term Support (STS) release instead of Long Term Support (LTS) release
  • KB 11321 - Calm VM image upload to vCenter7 fails with error "Unable to retrieve manifest or certificate file."
  • KB 11333 - Adding Nutanix Objects as Secondary Storage with Veritas Enterprise Vault
  • KB 11334 - AHV/ESXi Standalone Foundation deployment failure on HPE DX AMD platforms with Mellanox NIC CX4 or CX5
  • KB 11346 - Nutanix Files - Inode usage high on FSVM
  • KB 11364 - CVE-2020-13946 Cassandra JMX Vulnerability

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