New KB Articles Published on Week Ending March 9, 2024

  • 10 March 2024
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Below are new knowledge base articles published on the week of March 3-9, 2024.

  • KB 16144 - Nutanix Files - "Server has no Shares" error in PC UI due to incomplete IDF sync
  • KB 16191 - Windows VM BSOD after installing NVIDIA GPU driver
  • KB 16213 - VM time zone defaults to UTC after Move migration
  • KB 16257 - Application (stateful or stateless) crashing after restoring application snapshot on target cluster due to OCP permission issue
  • KB 16274 - NC2 - Network configuration Page fails to load subnets in AWS environments
  • KB 16278 - Unable to hot-plug CPUs, memory or NICs on a Secure boot enabled VM
  • KB 16279 - LCM - Lenovo LCM update tasks failure after XCC reboot
  • KB 16304 - LCM - HPE SPP upgrade may fail on Hyper-V nodes as Node didn't boot up into phoenix or CVM/Host in 60 mins
  • KB 16305 - Category-based user-defined alert policies on Prism Central do not work for VMs running on ESXi hypervisor
  • KB 16306 - LCM: BMC upgrade on NX-G8 nodes fail with "Failed to enable host interface" error
  • KB 16308 - Windows VMs running on AHV require “Universal Serial Bus controllers” for mouse in VNC Console to move
  • KB 16310 - LCM HPE firmware update may fail with "SPP update failure: Below components are not updated. ['Online ROM Flash Component for Linux - HPE Integrated Lights-Out 5']" error
  • KB 16320 - Login to Prism Central failed with error "Server is not reachable" due to haveged service down
  • KB 16337 - Nutanix DR | Clusters with Nutanix DR configured and replicating between certain cluster AOS versions may experience slow replications

Note: You may need to log in to the Support Portal to view some of these articles.

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