New KB Articles Published on Week Ending June 8, 2024

  • 10 June 2024
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Below are new knowledge base articles published on the week of June 2-8, 2024.

  • KB 15034 - Troubleshooting IPMI Web GUI Access
  • KB 16535 - NDB Agent Upgrade fails with error "Cannot upgrade as credentials of Era Worker Service are incorrect/expired"
  • KB 16717 - Exporting a VM to OVA fails after 24 hours
  • KB 16865 - Licenses getting reclaimed when tags are used to license multiple clusters via Prism Central
  • KB 16912 - Firmware upgrade using LCM can cause VM stability issues on Dell 2-node clusters
  • KB 16933 - When upgrading Nutanix Move, the Prism Central user is automatically logged out
  • KB 16944 - Prism Central: Scavenger service FATAL on execution against certain log files
  • KB 16945 - Upgrading AHV from version 20160925.x or 20170830.x using LCM 3.0 fails with the "zero length field name in format" error
  • KB 16948 - Foundation Platforms update is not reflected in LCM after updating Foundation
  • KB 16953 - Prism Central UI - "Auto Resolve" and "Policy Type" columns within Custom View for Alert Policies GUI do not populate with data as designed
  • KB 16960 - During PC Upgrade The Following Precheck Failure Is Seen: Prism Element Data Service IP is not reachable
  • KB 16961 - Genesis crashes if SSH key is not formatted correctly

Note: You may need to log in to the Support Portal to view some of these articles.

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