New KB Articles Published on Week Ending June 5, 2021

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Below are new knowledge base articles published on the week of May 30-June 5, 2021.

  • KB 10959 - Unable to deploy Azure Cloud Connect from Prism UI
  • KB 11329 - Linux VM performance troubleshooting scenario - ksofirqd process utilizes 100% of a vCPU in Linux VM due to a high number of iptables rules.
  • KB 11368 - Objects Service Manager (aoss_service_manager) service on PC crashes due to expired certificate
  • KB 11372 - LCM HBA upgrade to PH16.00.10 fails with "kLcmUpdateOperation for release.smc.gen11.hba.hba_LSISAS3008_2U4N_2U2N.Skylake.update on X.X.X.X with ret: -1, out"
  • KB 11383 - Network Segmentation: "Interface eth2 is not present on cvm" Error Seen When Enabling Backplane Network
  • KB 11398 - "Invalid network selected" message returned when editing network configuration of a Nutanix Files cluster
  • KB 11404 - Expand Cluster may fail when running on an unqualified ESXi build
  • KB 11438 - LCM upgrade for disk firmware fails if there is a USB device in the node
  • KB 11444 - Enabling Cloud Connect

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