New KB Articles Published on Week Ending June 29, 2024

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Below are new knowledge base articles published on the week of June 23-29, 2024.

  • KB 16291 - Nutanix Files - File Server Clone operation fails as external interfaces are updated before checking NVM RPC server is UP
  • KB 16745 - NDB: Enable and Disable Archive Log deletion through NDB for Oracle Database
  • KB 16769 - Nutanix Files - net.disable_ipv6 failing
  • KB 16857 - SPP upgrade via LCM can fail with error : "HPE SUM Validation Failed, Below components are not updated."
  • KB 16882 - Protection Domain Cloned VM with vGPU Associated Can Cause Virsh to Become Unresponsive
  • KB 17025 - Nutanix Move - How to edit Windows AMI for AWS target migrations
  • KB 17037 - Veeam for Nutanix Objects performance best practices
  • KB 17047 - How to determine how many VMs with vGPU can be powered on in a cluster
  • KB 17055 - Determine who deleted a VM on AHV

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